Membership Rewards Program

Our pursuit is simple, yet culture-shifting. With intentionality as our baseline, we have set a new standard for exceptional service and meaningful experiences - all with the utmost respect for our client’s most valuable resource, time. Our unique membership program is designed with our client’s needs in mind first and foremost and is rooted in Ease, Access & Experience.

Manifest Membership Benefits Include:

• Appointments for Barber Services
• Exclusive Member Pricing
• One Complimentary Essential Service within 10 days of last Standard or Supreme service
• One Complimentary Specialty Beverage during Service
• One Complimentary Service during Birth Month

• Free Shipping
• Select Discounts
• Member Exclusive Products
• Private Styling Consultations * (Starting Spring 2022)
• 30% off Of US Products

• Complimentary Drip Coffee Daily
• Preferred Access to Reservations at Out of Office
• $50 Gift Card for Out of Office for Use during Birth Month

• Access to Member Only Events
• Access to Exclusive Editorial Content

• Each $100 Spent at Manifest Earns $5 in Reward Dollars
• One Complimentary Coffee Beverage for Every 10 Specialty Coffee Beverages Purchased

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